Take a look at this Sample Report I made for a friend of mine named Monica. Remember that your report will be even more detailed. This is just a sample report to give you an idea of what to expect in your email after you request YOUR free report!

There are incredible changes coming your way, changes that I’m sure you’ve been sensing too. By requesting this free report, you have taken the first step toward achieving a higher awareness that allows you to take full advantage of the amazing opportunities that will cross your path.


These opportunities are your stepping stones to creating a powerful and fulfilling life Monica, so I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of having as much information as possible to help guide you through what is certain to be a major turning point in your life. This free report is going to point you in the right direction but I have to tell you Monica, that I felt overwhelmed by the powerful messages I was receiving as I prepared this report for you.


You see, my free reports are intended to provide you with a sense of the immediate future so that you can better navigate through the many events that may occur during your day-to-day life. But on rare occasions such as yours, I receive more than just glimpses of what is yet to come. In fact, when I began to prepare your report, I was inundated with some incredible visions!


You can imagine my surprise. Normally, a basic report provides me with a small sampling of the cosmic events that are occurring in your life.


For example, I was able to see that your power numbers are 4, 17, 22 and 36.


These power numbers can represent dates that are significant to your personal progression or they can be attached to opportunities for success and wealth. But in addition to these power numbers, I also kept seeing the numbers 12 and 45 attached to your spiritual aura.


This is unusual as most reports only reveal a few numbers that hold significance for a particular person so I was intrigued to see not just two or three, but six power numbers for you!


As I continued your report, I immediately sensed that you are on the brink of an unusual metamorphosis, a significant life-change that will alter the course of your destiny. I found this to be most exciting so I pursued this particular vision and was presented with images of the Wheel of Life, a perfect circle with petals or “spokes” representing the various aspects of life and the Universe.


Again, I found this to be both unusual and yet exciting at the same time!


You see, the Wheel of Life represents all that is – evolution, unity, the Universe and the cycles of life. Different religions have their own variation of the Wheel but they all have one thing in common – the Wheel represents the “circle of life” in a physical, metaphysical and spiritual sense.

This symbol is considered to be a most powerful amulet and is even used in magical rituals in some cultures and religions. The question then became, why did the Wheel of Life have so much significance for you?


I must tell you Monica, that I initially wasn’t sure of its meaning or more importantly, its purpose in your report.


I assumed that the Wheel merely represented the changes I had sensed in my report but as I meditated on this image, I was then presented with another set of images: that of a mask and a broken ring.


This was quite intriguing indeed!


The mask signifies that you have not yet revealed your true self – that is, you are still hiding behind a mask whether its one you have assumed to please another or one that you have inflicted upon yourself.


The broken ring was a bit more curious but what I discovered was that the ring signifies the bond we make with our Higher Selves to achieve our true purpose – in essence, your destiny!


I was then presented with a fourth image and I have to tell you that this is most rare! In my free reports, I may see one vision, perhaps even two on occasion, but certainly never four!


The fourth image was that of a mountain and I found this to be the most perplexing vision yet. You see, mountains generally represent an obstacle that we must overcome in order to reach our destination but mountains can also represent a need for expansion – essentially, broadening your horizons.


Did this image mean that you would be facing a new challenge? Perhaps it meant that you needed to conquer your present obstacles before you could move forward. But it was then that I considered the other images as well and I realized that this report was one of immense importance!


Individually, these images could signify that self-discovery was needed to pursue your goals but together, they foretell a much greater purpose than you or I had imagined.

Monica, I urge you to believe in yourself and take advantage of this opportunity. It is not a coincidence that you requested this free report. Quite the contrary, your Higher Self has led you to me to help you uncover your true purpose and overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back.


You are on your way to discovering a wonderful and amazing journey and by requesting a complete report, you will learn the secrets of your success and discover the incredible changes that are coming your way. I know you sense these changes Monica, and I’m sure that you know in your heart that there is something missing from your life.

Trust your instincts at this time Monica, for you are about to uncover your destiny and embrace the extraordinary events in your near future!


Wishing you a blessed future,